Enhancing Patient Experience with Technology

Modern Healthcare Solutions, such as patient management systems and data analytics, notably optimize patient experience and satisfaction. Enhancing Patient experience is vital in this 21st century as patients search for convenient processes, obsoleting the less efficient old methods, and this requirement makes healthcare organizations leaning on technology as a prime part of treatments. Things were […]

Modern Healthcare Solutions, such as patient management systems and data analytics, notably optimize patient experience and satisfaction.

Enhancing Patient experience is vital in this 21st century as patients search for convenient processes, obsoleting the less efficient old methods, and this requirement makes healthcare organizations leaning on technology as a prime part of treatments. Things were slightly similar back in 2010, but the past decade has revolutionized healthcare to a point where the patient can message their doctor through the online patient account or apps and get recommendations on many health concerns. Viewing health status reports on smartphones is the preference of billions of people in today’s world.

Updating technology to improve patient experience

This was the prime goal of over 40% of healthcare IT leaders, according to research conducted at HIMSS19 in Orlando, Florida last year, suggesting the same trend in other parts of the world. The currently achieved level is not the endpoint; high patient satisfaction can become better through ever-developing healthcare solutions.

New Technology and efficient, error-free Patient-Clinicians communication

Software can’t replace humans, and humans can’t supersede software products. The equilibrium point between the two elements is — enabling patients to manage their health via new technology and error-free communicating means, but without losing the human connection.

Communication via more practical mediums, such as emails, online portals and text messages, contributes to patient-centered care and enhanced patient experience. For example, available online medical records improve patient convenience and self-monitoring. Human representatives of the healthcare provider available at the right time, on the other hand. (sentence not complete?) A complete and efficient service through efficient and error-free communication is the end result.

Reducing Potential Medical Errors

Humans do make mistakes, no matter the experience level. Technology is an advanced solution that can correct it. Thus, the combined expertise of experienced humans and superior technology not only enhances the patient experience but also minimizes possible medical errors. Reducing potential medical errors is vital because saving one’s life through medical treatment can go wrong anytime. Smart healthcare solutions help us achieve high-success and precise medical treatment by:

  1. Improving medication safety.
  2. Facilitating communication between clinicians.
  3. Increasing access to medical information.
  4. Encouraging patient-centered care.

Understanding Current Patients’ Needs

Patients in today’s world are overly busy to keep on visiting their healthcare providers for doctor’s appointments. Moreover, patients are notably careful of their health-related concerns, the safety of treatment programs and patient privacy/security of their medical information. A remote and direct interacting method between the patient and doctor, until the right time for a face-to-face conversation is the answer to all these requirements and this is where a comprehensive patient management system becomes a necessity. The benefits of these advanced systems include:

Refining Healthcare Through Technology

Enhancing Patient Experience through all-in-one healthcare solutions has to happen in the following ways:

1) Culturally-Aware Care: This refers to overcoming language and culture barriers. Patients feeling cared for and respected by doctors is happening even right now, but culturally-aware care is something beyond this point. For example, using virtual medical translators to overcome any language and culture barriers. Accurate and on-time translation of medical terms when the patient-doctor or patient-nurse online conversation takes place streamlines the whole process beyond imagination.

2) Enabling hands-free communication: The importance of hands-free communication needs no further explanation; this study (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2639900/) explains it in detail. Miscommunication between the significant parties causes about 80% of errors in healthcare. Voice Assistance Technology is a sound tool to use as one of the efficient and accurate healthcare solutions. Many voice assistance technologies have already begun the streamlining process of communication in the healthcare sector.

3) Efficient Services for Busy Patients: All patients are busy individuals in this fast-moving world. Therefore, treating health conditions alone won’t make healthcare providers reliable today. Today’s patients need efficient services with no wait times. Keeping patients waiting in queues can severely damage the reputation of the service provider. Reliable studies have shown that extended wait times is one of the well-known negative feedback given on Google related to medical professionals. Placing Doctor’s appointments in just a few clicks via apps and other online means ensure maximum client satisfaction, and the patients feel more valued, and their busy lives get the deserved respect.

4) More Accessible Healthcare: Patients meeting doctors or medical experts face-to-face for minor health issues was the old trend. New technological methods that facilitate online or on-demand video patient-doctor meetings have superseded such outdated practices, enhancing patient experience in healthcare. Medical experts that implement such advanced technology will thrive by maintaining a loyal client base, but medical services that adhere to only traditional treating methods wouldn’t. Investing money in enhancing the patient experience is a must-do.

Essential Components of Patient Management Systems

Healthcare Solutions, including comprehensive patient management systems developed by renowned solutions providers like us (CSI), have transformed the healthcare sector to a better service. For example, our world-class healthcare solutions/product include clinical, patient management, renal, blood bank, lab, pharmacy, infection control, and billing modules and much more. Better healthcare service is the outcome of implementing healthcare management systems using such advanced technologies.

Closing Thoughts

Patient safety, care quality, and privacy remain the core focus. The understanding of patients’ prime requirements is the key here. Having reviewed the current demands of patients, healthcare providers also have to concentrate on the future needs of their clients.

Reacting to patients’ needs and so-called “Current Trends” wouldn’t be what patients expect from the healthcare sector in the future. They will instead demand something even advanced such as Artificial Intelligence through which health service providers can make use of predictive analytics to foresee patients’ specific necessities.

Enhancing patient experience in healthcare has the potential to become even better.

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